Steel Cutting Blade for Hot/Cold Rolling


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Cold Rolling Hot Rolling Cutting Blade

These steel cutting blades mainly are used for the hot or cold rolled thick sheet of cross-cutting and slitting. The main applications are Large steel plant, non-ferrous metal processing plant, cold-rolled steel plate plant, Strip manufacturers, strapping materials factory, packaging materials plant, steel screen factory, Steel pipe manufacturer, steel slitting equipment manufacturer, etc. The main products are made of high-quality alloy steel such as Cr12MoV, H13, H13Ni, LD, etc., which meets the customer's small shear burr during use. The more precisely the blades are made, the more accurate steel sheets you'll get. TINVO is a professional manufacturer in china for superior quality steel cutting blades. 

Note: We have more than 1000 sorts of blades, as well as guide rails and bending machine molds, not all can show online. Please feel free to contact us for custom-making and model selection if you can not find the required item.