Rebar Wire Rod Straightening Machine

The Wire straightening machine is used for cold-rolled ribbed steel bars or new three-stage steel or hot rolled wire rods for high-speed straightening. Its quality takes GB13788-2000 standard. The rebar straightening machine has remarkable performance: Fast speed, good straightness, fixed-length, small scratch, high-precision PLC control, multi-task support, etc.


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Rebar Wire Rod Straightening Machine

The wire speed of wire straightening machine is adjustable, the maximum speed is 150 meters/minute;

Straightening, shearing and other parts are stable, safe and reliable;

The entire rebar steel straightening and cutting machine includes a straightening section, a shearing device, a silo, and an automatic console.


About Flying Shear Machine

straightening and cutting machine is equipped with a 5.5KW servo motor and a cycloidal pin reducer to drive the fly shearing work. The motor control method is a servo controller, so the cutoff machine acts with high speed and low loss, when the wire speed reaches 180m/min, the cutting machine can also complete the cuts.



Wire wheel Diameter


Diameter and numbers of Straightening wheel

150mm x 20pcs                  Materials alloy steel

Cutting length


Straightening speed


Main motor

Speed motor 15kw,22kw

 The motor of shearing machine

servo motor 5.5kw