Rebar Wire Rod Straightening Machine


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Rebar Wire Rod Straightening Machine

TINVO manufactures high-quality wire straightening machine in china. The machine is used for cold-rolled ribbed steel bars or hot rolled wire rods with high-speed straightening.  The straightening machine is a multi-wheel rebar straightening machine with a V-shaped groove, 22pcs vertical straightening wheels and 7pcs horizontal straightening wheels. The vertical alignment wheel is actively aligned, the transmission mode is gear transmission, and the horizontal alignment is passive. The straightening wheel is made of 9Cr2Mo. The incoming line is manually threaded. The wire speed of the machine is adjustable and the maximum speed is 150 meters/minute. Straightening, shearing and other parts are stable, safe and reliable. The entire rebar steel straightening and cutting machine includes a straightening section, a shearing device, a silo, and an automatic console. The straightening machine is equipped with a 5.5KW servo motor and a cycloidal pin reducer to drive the fly shearing work. The motor control method is a servo controller, so the cutoff machine acts with high speed and low loss.

wire rod straightening machine


Wire wheel Diameter


Diameter and numbers of Straightening wheel

150mm x 20pcs                  Materials alloy steel

Cutting length


Straightening speed


Main motor

Speed motor 15kw,22kw

 The motor of the shearing machine

servo motor 5.5kw