High-Cr Composite Spin-Cast Iron Roll


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High-Cr Composite Spin-Cast Iron Roll

The rolls are made of high-chromium white cast iron as the outer layer material of the roll body. The cast iron roll is produced by the centrifugal composite casting process. Due to the presence of lath-shaped M7c3, eutectic carbide, chrysanthemum M2c eutectic carbide and granular M23C6 secondary carbide in the matrix, the roll has excellent wear resistance, high resilience and impact resistance, thus it is widely used as the rough rolling, finishing rolling work rolls in the hot strip rolling mill, the wide and medium plate rolling mill and the finishing rolling work rolls in the small section steel and sheet rolling mill. TINVO is a professional manufacturer for high-quality high-chromium cast iron roll. 

The chemical composition of high chromium cast iron rolls is: 2.0% ~ 4.0% C, 10% ~ 30% Cr, 0.15% ~ 1.6% Ni, 0.3% ~ 2.9% Mo. Its essence is a high wear-resistant high-alloy white cast iron with a chromium content of 10% to 15%. Unlike the continuous M8C type carbides of white cast iron, the high chromium composite cast iron roll has a high hardness (HV can reach 1800) 

Factory Advantages

TINVO factory

TINVO factory advantages

Strong design capacity: 
30+ senior technical engineers, united R&D with known university and institute

Strong production capacity: 
200,000m2 modernized industrial zone and 500+ employees for short delivery time.

Strict quality control:
Conform to the international standards of ISO, GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS. Has a physical and chemical analysis center with advanced laboratory test instruments and a direct-reading spectrometer.

Equipment Modernization 
200+ sets of professional processing equipment include automatically controlled machining equipment such as large vertical centrifuges, large high-efficiency rough grinders, large CNC lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinders, differential temperature heat treatment furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, etc. 

Abundant Experience
The products have been serving in 400+ rolling lines in China and aboard.