steel rolling mill production line

The purpose of steel rolling production line is to obtain the required shape, such as steel plates, strip steel, wire rods and various sections, another aspect, in order to improve the internal quality of steel like common automotive plates, bridge steel, boiler steel, pipeline steel, etc. Steel rolling is a continuous and uninterrupted operation. The steel strip runs fast on the roller table with automated equipment bringing high efficiency. Depending on the different temperatures in the rolling method, the steel rolling can be classified into hot rolling and cold rolling. According to the different relationships between the relative movement of the rolling stock and the roll during rolling, it can be divided into vertical rolling, horizontal rolling, and diagonal rolling. In the hot rolling production line, the billet is heated to become soft and is sent into the rolling mill by the roller table, finally rolled to the size required by the users. Compared with hot rolling, the processing line in a cold rolling mill is more scattered. The steel coils sent by the hot rolling mill must undergo three consecutive technical treatments and the oxide film must be removed with hydrochloric acid. Through the cold rolling mill, the uncoiler opens the steel coil and then the steel strip is carried to a five-stand continuous rolling mill to be rolled into a thin strip coil.