Continuous Casting Machine(CCM)

The continuous casting machine simplifies the production process, improving the production efficiency and metal yield, saving energy consumption and greatly reducing the production cost. Whether it is long-flow steelmaking or short-flow steelmaking, the continuous casting machine (CCM) is necessary. According to the structure and appearance, the continuous casting machine can be classified into a vertical continuous casting machine, vertical curved one, arc one with a linear segment and a horizontal one. The machine consists of a molten steel carrying device, a tundish and its replacement device, a crystallizer and its vibration device, a drawing straightener, a cutting device and an ingot device. The continuous casting machine provided by TINVO with solid and modularly design, meeting the requirements for steel quality and subsequent rolling processing through continuous innovation research. With rich technical experience, TINVO offers comprehensive continuous casting solutions conforming to standardization, high economic benefits and high-tech high-speed drawing, the most affordable price guaranteed.