Alloy Spheroidal Graphite Iron Roll

Spheroidal graphite iron roll also is known as ductile iron roll and is a roll made by spheroidizing the molten iron with magnesium and pouring it into the sand-lined cold type. Due to the spheroidizing treatment, the graphite carbon inside the cast iron is changed from flake to spheroid, which eliminates the phenomenon of graphite tip stress concentration caused by flake graphite, which significantly improves the strength of cast iron, similar to the cast steel roll, but the abrasion resistance is much higher than the cast steel roll. There are three types of nodules of magnesium, cerium, and calcium and magnesium are commonly used. Spheroidal graphite iron roll can be applied in open-rolling mills, roughing mills and rolling mills before finishing rolling on various sections and plates. When the finished roll bears a large load, it is best to use a ductile iron roll with a casting groove, high strength and excellent wear resistance.