1. Is TINVO a trading company or a factory?

It is an industrial, engineering and trade integration company. The headquarter office is located in Harbin city, northeastern China, the main manufacturing bases are located in Jiangsu and Henan province, close to the seaport Shanghai and Tianjin, in order to facilitate maritime transport easily.


2. What is the lead time?

 It depends upon the order quantity, characteristic of custom-making products and production season. For steel mill stands, rolling machine and its auxiliary machine, mill rollers, etc, the delivery time often is 30 to 180     days. If buying a full set of steel making line, the delivery time is 180 to 360 days.  


3. What is quality control and producing standards?

All our factories have ISO9001;2008 certificate and implement the in-factory quality control if the customer does not consign the 3rd party of inspection. We also accept 3rd party of inspection and buyer’s inspection when the products are ready to ship. 
Our producing standards including but not limited to GB/T, ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, etc.


4. What is the trade clause we accept?



5. What is your engineering service?

For machines and accessories, we provide free training of installation, operation and maintenance in China.  The on-site engineering service is available in charges when a customer requests.
For EP project, we can provide design, engineering and procurement, we have the own technical team, and can handle all the technical issues and will be the only one who responsible for all quality issue.

6. What is the payment term?
T/T, L/C, other payment is negotiable. The main trade currency includes USD, EUR, RMB, etc. 


7. What is the packing information?

According to the shapes and weight of ordered products, we have crates, pallet, iron frame, iron carton and naked, all packing are seaworthy. We apply FCL container transportation to avoid the unexpectable risk of damage and loss during shipment.


8. How to get the quotation and proposal quickly?

For most customized products, we need the customer to supply correct specification requirement, materials composition and mechanical drawings. Only if we collect the necessary information completely, can we provide the offer within 3-5 days. 

For the E&P general design or equivalent design work, it takes different time according to project scales, generally speaking, one month is enough to a middle size steel making project.