The First Shipment in 2022

On the first working day of 2022, two sets of custom-making 5 axial gearboxes for the rebar manufacturer in the Philippines were shipped from Shanghai. These gearboxes are matched to the 2hi rolling mill and made of the high strength material 20CrMnTi, th


China's strictest industrial electricity curtailment policy and environmental protection policy

All China’s manufacturers recently are facing China's strictest industrial electricity curtailment policy and environmental protection policy; this is because basic fuel and materials prices increase hugely worldwide.


Brand New Cast Rolls to Russia

In September, a new batch of rolls were shipped from Shanghai to St. Petersburg. We shipped a batch of brand news cast rolls to Russian customer on time. This order with a full container was placed in August, we just use no less than two months for delive


The New Induction Furnaces Are Operated in Overseas Market

In January of 2021, a set of brandnew electrical furnaces for Russian customer is finished installation and commissioning. This project is for vacuum induction furnace + constant melting rate coaxial conductive electroslag furnace + vacuum consumable furn


The Custom-Making Products Made Of SCH22 Steel Was Shipped

In January 25, 2021, a batch of customized products made of SCH22 stainless steel wasshipped to Philippines. These productsinclude steel shaft, centrifugal cast tube and plates that areused in rolling mill plant. SCH22 steel is a kind of high performance


What You Should Learn About Adamite Rolls

Basic knowledge about the adamite rolls has been introduced with the definition, the application, hardness and how to find a reliable supplier.


Basic Knowledge You Should Know About Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Roll

The article introduces the basic knowledge that should learn about the spheroidal graphite cast iron roll also known as nodular iron roll and the tips to find a reliable manufacturer.


Everything You Should Learn About Forged Steel Roll

Mill rolls are essential in the metal working industry. Forged steel roll is a type of rolling mill rolls. It can be used as work roll, back up roll and intermediate roll with its high hardness, superior yield strength and high wear resistance.


First Shipment Of HSS Rolls Will Be Delivered To Philippine Since The COVID19 Outbreak

The production of 16 high speed steel rolls ordered by Philippine customers have been completed by Harbin TINVO and will be delivered soon. This is the first shipment of TINVO since the COVID19 outbreak in China.


Quenching Process Of New Type Forged High Speed Steel Roll

The technicians have studied the quenching process of a newly developed forged high-speed cold-rolled work roll material and analyzed the quenching temperature on the structure, grain size, residual austenite and hardness of the high-speed steel roll


Spare Parts (Ⅲ) of Steelmaking Plant

Spare Parts of Submerged Electric Arc Furnace


Hot Rolled Steel vs. Cold Rolled Steel - How to Distinguish And What are The Differences

Hot rolling and cold rolling are the two main process for the most steel or steel plate making, which have great influences on the structure and properties of the steel. A better rolling mill roll will bring more superior quality steel.